Utah Code sections 30-3-11.3 and 30-3-11.4 require parents who are divorcing to attend a divorce orientation course and divorce education course before a Decree of Divorce will be signed.

These are two separate courses that are offered right after each other on the same dates, but you need not attend both at the same time.  You also do not need to attend with the other parent.

Effective July 1, 2014 the cost for the orientation course has changed.  If a petitioner attends the orientation course within 30 days of filing for divorce the cost is $15.00, and if the respondent attends the orientation course within 30 days of being served with divorce paperwork the cost is $15.00.  If the petitioner or respondent attend the course after the 30 days from filing or being served the cost is $30.00.  You must provide proof that you are attending within the 30 days to receive the discount.

The cost for the education course remains unchanged, at $35.00.  The court has also indicated that these fees must be paid in cash, and you should arrive 15 minutes early.

You can find more information on Divorce Orientation here.