About Us

Our commitment to our clients is what drives us.

We strive to make our clients’ experience with us more positive, productive and pleasant than they would experience with any other legal office.

Read below for examples of how we reach that goal.


You have a team of people working on your case. This team includes at least one attorney and at least one paralegal.

Often the attorney will provide a direct extension or personal cell phone number if needed. Your team can be reached by phone, fax, email, or in person. 

Your team will frequently check voicemail messages and emails so that any urgent situation can be dealt with immediately.

If needed, we will make ourselves available beyond regular business hours to accommodate the needs of our clients and potential clients. We can offer consultations in the evenings, into the night and on weekends.


We return all calls and emails by the end of the next business day or earlier. Period.

We want you to be intimately involved in the development of your own case or project. Ultimately, we are here to protect you, and we do that best by keeping you engaged and informed.

Each document that enters our office in reference to your case will be forwarded to you for your own personal files. Whenever possible and appropriate, each document that we draft on your behalf will be forwarded to you for approval.

Every step of your case will be outlined and approved by you before we move forward.


As a young, energetic, and progressive firm, we understand the advantages of using cutting-edge technology to coordinate cases and provide efficient services.

Our firm runs almost entirely on secure “cloud” based software, so we never have to worry about downtime or lost documents due to computer problems.

We scan all documents digitally and can access the data and documents of your file from anywhere there is an internet connection.

We bring a laptop and travel printer to mediation, and other negotiations, so that you can have a written signed agreement without delay. Use of technology also helps us to conserve natural resources.


Here on our website, you will find blog entries, both written and video on tons of topics. We want our clients to know of changes in the law and other current issues that could impact our clients.

Blogging also allows us to engage in a dialogue with other attorneys, experts, and others regarding the impact and affect of policies, statutes, and case law. The blog is a forum for attorneys, mediators, custody evaluators, psychologists, vocational assessors, auditors and non-expert commenters to discuss legal concepts and experiences. We believe that providing this forum is helpful to the community and our clients.


Our firm is committed to achieving the best resolution for you in your case or project.

We have carefully cultivated strong relationships with experts in many fields. This allows us to provide complete and comprehensive services and allows us to help you in absolutely any matter, regardless of how simple or complex.


Our attorneys each have ample experience and supplement that experience with continuing education, membership on boards and committees, seminars, charity work and other opportunities in the community.

Long Okura values personal and professional development. Each member of our firm strives to be excellent at what they do and to go beyond what other firms provide. We work hard to achieve that goal each day.


Long Okura is more than a collection of individuals, we are a team.

We genuinely care for each other, and for our clients. We frequently meet as a firm to review the work of others and to stay informed and fresh on case-related and legal developments. These informative sessions are not charged to any client.


We send out your bill promptly and with repeated reviews for accuracy. You will be provided detailed explanations on everything you are being billed for.

If you ever have questions about your account with us, your phone call or email regarding a bill is always free.


We want to help the community and residents of Utah.

The attorneys at Long Okura watch legislative sessions carefully and are willing to speak up if an issue affects our clients.

We are involved on Utah State Bar committees regarding the ethics and admission of lawyers into the State Bar.

We believe that courtesy and professionalism among lawyers is essential in maintaining the integrity of our firm.

We work every day to conserve our resources, and the resources of the planet, by recycling all paper products and office products, and by using recycled office supplies. See our GREEN page.


Long_Okura_341_of_396_-1Long Okura is located in the historic David B. Brinton home, a beautifully restored mansion built in 1877 and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Originally, this building was a home, now it functions as office space for our firm and other companies. We are conveniently situated in the heart of the valley, easily accessible to residents of Salt Lake County, as well as our clients from Weber, Utah, and Summit Counties. We have ample free parking and are handicap accessible. UTA bus route 45 has a stop located just steps from our front door.

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