Do-It-Yourself Assistance

Our firm understands that an individual’s financial situation does not always include the resources to retain an attorney.

With the Do-It-Yourself Assistance you represent yourself throughout your proceedings, but are provided a range of resources and legal advice without paying a retainer.  You pre-pay for individual appointments or a block of time with an attorney and the assistance you receive may include:

  • Document and argument preparation
  • A review of the pleadings required in your case
  • Creating a case strategy and plan
  • Organizing your facts and evidence in a productive manner
  • Advice on how to use the facts and evidence in your case
  • Direction on which issues are most important to your case
  • Guidance in proposing or analyzing settlement offers
  • Tips about the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, how to follow the rules, and how to enforce the rules

With Do-It-Yourself Assistance you represent yourself, gather your own documents and are responsible for your own pleadings, appearances in Court and tracking of deadlines.

Representing yourself without a legal background can appear overwhelming, but with the advice and guidance of an attorney the process can become manageable.  Make sure you do not miss an important step in your case, set up an appointment today to find out how an attorney could help you represent yourself confidently.

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