Long Okura P.C. can help you represent yourself in court.  

At recent Utah legal education seminars, Judges and Commissioners were discussing a newly discovered statistic:  85% of divorce cases in Utah have at least one party representing himself/herself.

There are many reasons that people decide to represent themselves in their family law cases, but often some basic legal advice could really make a difference and save time, money, and heartache.

You can represent yourself AND get legal advice every step of the way –  or only when you feel like you need it.   If you want to represent yourself in your family law case, you should consider our “Self-Representation Assistance” services.

Long Okura P.C. continues to provide traditional family law services too.  We usually represent clients in all aspects of their entire court proceeding.     

But, some people just don’t want traditional representation but need some help here and there.  The attorneys at Long Okura P.C. are happy to sit down with you, discuss your case, review your written documents, help you understand where you are procedurally and where you should go next, develop your best arguments, and assist you with your case strategy and execution.  We can help you prepare for court appearances and show you how to get information from the other party.  

And, we can do all of this in individual meetings that allow you to “pay as you go.” You pay only for the time that we spend meeting one-on-one. 

While complicated or high-conflict cases often need the attention and depth of representation that comes with traditional legal services, some clients just need a little help along the way.  Now you have both options available to you.  Please call Long Okura P.C. if you want more details.

For a limited time, Long Okura is offering free 1/2 hour consultations regardless of which type of legal assistance you need.