As a law firm, Long Okura P.C. does not intend to make a political statement regarding the environment.  Our own staff members come from different political perspectives on the issues, and we appreciate the diversity of view within our own workplace. 

But, it seems that we can all agree that our planet is beautiful and full of amazing life.  Our earth now has oceans with gyres of plastic waste and land fills overflowing with our garbage.  Some of this pollution could be prevented with little effort.

 I am proud to say that I started my legal career, in my first year of law school, working for the legal department of the The Nature Conservancy, at its headquarters in Northern Virginia. Working for that organization was an honor and the legal department was top notch.  Though, I no longer work so directly with environmental concerns,  Long Okura P.C. is committed to do our small part to help our environment.   

We are proud members of 1% for the Planet.  This organization audits its members to ensure that members provide 1% of their revenue to non-profit organizations that have environmental programs.  Through 1% for the Planet, Long Okura contributes to The Nature ConservancySustainable Travel International, and the Rocky Mountain Institute

Long Okura has a pledge of our own practices and policies within our workplace.

We are very happy to announce our sponsorship of the back page of the 2008 ReDirect Guide for Greater Salt Lake and Park City.  The ReDirect Guide is a directory of companies that who have policies and practices that are environmentally friendly.  Please pick up your free copy at our office or at numerous locations throughout the greater Salt Lake area.

Happy Earth Day,  Rebecca Long Okura