Be Confident Your Adoption is Done Right

Utah adoption laws, by design, are extremely favorable to adoptive parents.  When an adoption is done correctly, adoptive parents are protected from future familial interruptions and can experience a sense of peace.

Every adoptive parent’s worst nightmare is a failed adoption and the attorney’s responsibility is to make sure that birth parents’ rights are terminated correctly and as quickly as possible.  We are mindful of that responsibility and have the knowledge, skills, and ability to finalize your adoption correctly.

Our attorneys provide a clear understanding of the adoption process and walk parents through the steps necessary for finalization.  We handle all types of adoptions including:

  • Domestic and International
  • Step-Parent and Grand-Parent
  • Uncontested and Contested
  • Private and Agency

In addition to assisting adoptive parents, we have experience representing birth parents in relinquishment proceedings as well as defending birth parents in contested adoptions.

We offer customized legal solutions to fit your needs, from full service representation to do-it-yourself assistance.

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